In October 2018 I traveled to Iceland with six other excited photographers on a seven-day tour led by James Lawrence.

This was my first trip to Iceland and I was blown away by the country and the landscapes some of which took my breath away. James made sure that every day was filled with new locations and subjects for us to capture. We were given mini projects to stretch our abilities and debriefed these of an evening which helped me to see different peoples interpretation of the same subject. 


This image was captured one evening on a black stone beach on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

The sea was very rough which gave me the opportunity to use my Lee 10 stop ND filter to create the fog that you can see.

Sheep falls

This is one of those just out of sight waterfalls that you could easily overlook. It is out of sight off the road to and was found by Gareth one of my fellow travellers. We of course called it Gareths falls but apparently it is actually called Sheep falls?

To be continued……